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Reconditioned Pallets

With our vast network of recyclers throughout the country, Treen can service all your recycling needs


Club Store Pallets

This pallet has GMA board configuration. Top and bottom lead boards are 5 1/2". It has no visible signs of repair. Bright wood color. Minimal damage to wood. It is extremely difficult to find enough completely hardwood premium pallets to satisfy the increasing demand for such pallets. Regardless of claims made, most loads of premium pallets will contain some pine materials.

Standard Grade A (#1) Pallet

The most common type of #1 pallet, this pallet may or may not have a GMA board configuration. It may have 3 1/2” or 5 1/2" lead boards. Deck boards are a minimum of 3 ½” wide. Stringers can be hardwood or pine. Stringers may be repaired with metal plates and, in some cases, corrugated metal fasteners or staples. May have pine deck boards.

grade b.jpg

Grade B (#2) Pallet

Some portion of an original stringer is either cracked or missing and a reinforcing piece of wood, called a sister stringer or repair block, has been added to the original stinger. This makes for a solid structural repair that spans the notch on the original stringer. These pallets are our most economical pallet.

Our Promise to the Environment!

All pallets that go through our recycling facilities either get repaired, re-manufactured or ground up formulch or bio-fuel.

All pallets and/or pallet parts will be recycled completely never ending up in a landfill.

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